Sutton Ex-Servicemen's Club Flower & Vegetable Show

Baking & Handicraft Classes


PRIZES : 1ST £2, 2ND £1 & 3RD 50P.

72. One Apple Pie.

73. One Fruit Pie made from any fruit other than Apple.

74. A Family Fruit Cake, made from your favourite recipe.

75. One Chocolate Sponge with Butter Cream filling.

76. One Victoria Sponge with Jam Filling.

77. One Lemon Drizzle Cake.

78. An exhibit of Homemade Bread. Freeform – any size and


79. Five Chocolate Chip Muffins.

80. One Gluten Free Cake – labelled accordingly.

81. Six Decorated Cupcakes.

      Judging to be based on decoration only.

82. Six Scones.

83. My Favourite Cake. Simply make your own favourite cake

     please display the variety of cake e.g. Madeira, Coffee &

      Walnut etc.

84. Six Mince Pies

85. Six Cheese Straws

86. Six Sausage Rolls.

87. Two Meat Pies – not to exceed 5” in diameter – any meat 

      (additional fillings allowed).

88. One Quiche – any fillings may be used.

89. Six Eggs – exhibited on a plate.

90. “Egg-cite” Six eggs displayed for effect.

91. One jar of Jam, any fruit may be used.

92. One jar of Chutney – any variety.

93. One jar of Sweet Piccalilli.

94. The World Lemon Cheese Championship - One jar of

      Lemon Cheese.

95. One jar of Marmalade (Any flavour).

96. A Bottle of Anything Drinkable – not necessarily alcoholic.

97. A Basket of Mixed Fruit.

98. One Vase of Cut Flowers.

99. One Gentleman’s Buttonhole.

100. One Ladies Corsage.

101. Three small Christmas tree decorations.

102. Any Article of Cross Stitch.

103. Any item of jewellery made from buttons.

104. Any item of Hand Knitting.

105. A Handmade Greetings Card – any event. 

106. A miniature garden, in a seed tray or any other box.

        Size not to exceed 2ft x 3ft.

107.“Use your imagination” - A model of a person or an 

      animal  made from flowers, fruit & vegetables only.

        Pins etc allowed.