Sutton Ex-Servicemen's Club Flower & Vegetable Show

Flower Classes

                                      SECTION TWO - FLOWERS

PRIZES : 1ST £2, 2ND £1 & 3RD 50P.

52. One Pot Plant, excluding fuchsias.

53. One Fuchsia Pot Plant,

54. Twelve Stems of Sweet Peas.

55. Gladioli - One Specimen Spike.

56. Gladioli - Three Spikes, any variety or varieties.

57. Dahlias - One Specimen Giant/Large Decorative Bloom.

58. Dahlias - One Specimen Giant/Large

      Cacti/Semi Cacti Bloom.

59. One vase of five Decorative Dahlias.

60. One vase of three Decorative Dahlias.

61. One vase of five Cacti or Semi Cacti Dahlias.

62. One vase of three Cacti or Semi Cacti Dahlias.

63. One vase of five Pompon Dahlias.

64. One vase of five Ball Dahlias.

65. One vase of five Collerette Dahlias, any variety or varieties.

66. One vase five Waterlily Dahlias, any variety or varieties.

67. One vase five stems, Spray Chrysanthemums, any cultivar.

68. One Specimen Rose.

69. One vase three Garden Pinks, any variety or varieties.

70. Top Vase Class - One Vase with a minimum of five and a

      maximum of ten stems of any flowering plant.  

71. One Hanging Basket, not exceeding 35cms (14”) diameter.