Sutton Ex-Servicemen's Club Flower & Vegetable Show

Vegetable Classes




Entry fee is 20 pence for each class,

except Children’s classes which are free.


PRIZES : 1ST £2, 2ND £1 & 3RD 50P.

EXCEPT CLASS 38: 1ST £10, 2ND £5 & 3RD £2


1.   Shallots - Pickling - One plate of nine.

      Each Shallot should not exceed 30mm in diameter.

2.   Shallots - Larger than pickling, one plate of six. Each

      shallot must exceed 30mm in diameter.

3.   Three Onions, with roots and tops.

4.   Three Onions, dressed, exceeding 250g each.

5.   Three Onions, dressed, not exceeding 250g each.    

6.   One Heaviest Onion, dressed. Top not to exceed 2 inches.

7.   Two Pot Leeks.

8.   Three Blanch Leeks.

9.   One head of Celery.

10. Three Parsnips, with tops, not to exceed 3 inches.

11. Three Long Beetroot, tops not to exceed 3 inches.

12. Three Carrots - long pointed, tops not to exceed 3 inches.

13. Three Carrots - other than long pointed,

       tops not to exceed 3 inches. 

14. Tap Root Collection, one of each from the following; Carrots long 

      pointed, Carrots stump rooted, Parsnip.

15. One plate of five Tomatoes – standard size varieties.

16. One plate of three Beefsteak Tomatoes.

17. A Truss of Tomatoes – cherry varieties.

18. Heaviest Truss of Tomatoes, any state of readiness.

19. One plate of five Potatoes, white.

20. One plate of five Potatoes, coloured.

21. One Vegetable Marrow, exhibition size - not exceeding 17 inches.

22. One Vegetable Marrow, heaviest, tail not to exceed 2 inches.   

23. Six Pods of any bean – not already mentioned in this schedule.    

24. One Cucumber.

25. Three Globe Beetroot, tops not to  exceed 3 inches.

26. One Heaviest Beetroot, top not to exceed 3 inches.

27. Three garden Turnips, any colour, with tops not to exceed 3


28.  Six Runner Beans.

29. One Longest Runner Bean.

30. Six Pods of Peas.

31. Six Pods of Dwarf French Beans.

32. One Cauliflower, with roots trimmed to leave a 3” stem.

33. One Green Cabbage, with roots trimmed to leave a 3” stem.

34. One Red Cabbage, with roots trimmed to leave a 3” stem.

35. One Lettuce, any variety with roots.

36. A Salad Tray -

       Four Varieties to be chosen from:
       Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Celery, Cucumber, Radish,
       Beetroot, Peppers, Lettuce
       Garnishing is allowed and presentation to be taken into account.

37. A Vegetable Tray -

       Three Vegetables to be chosen from:
       3 Onions, 3 Potatoes, 6 Peas, 6 Runner Beans, 6 Tomatoes,
       3 Cauliflowers, 3 Carrots (no tops), 3 Parsnips (no tops).
       Garnishing with parsley is allowed and a black base cloth
       may be used.

38. A Collection of Vegetables.

       Five kinds, not more than 3 of each kind, with the exception of
       peas and beans which must be 6.

39. A basket, or similar container of Vegetables. 

       Garnishing allowed.

40.  A collection of 1 each of six types of vegetable.

41.  One misshaped or comical vegetable. (Please give your exhibit a  


42. A Bunch of Radish – minimum of 6 & maximum of 10.

43. A Bunch of Spring Onions – minimum of 6 & maximum of 10.

44.  A vase of 3 different types of named culinary herbs.

45. A Dish of Soft Fruit.

46. Eight Plums or Gages, dessert or cooking.

47. Apples, Cookers, a plate of 5.

48. Apples, Dessert, a plate of 5.    

49. Three Sticks of Rhubarb, tied, with leaf blades trimmed to 3          

50.  One Chilli or Pepper Plant.

51. Any other variety of Vegetable not specifically named in the above
      classes (Display the variety of the vegetable with your exhibit)